Posted by: jacobdotcosta | 12/04/2010

IBM Tivoli Process Automation Engine (TPAE)

Although not perceptible to many, Maximo 7 introduces a big change in the structure of the application. Instead of building different independent deliveries for each of Maximo products (MAM, AMIT, CCMDB, TSRM, etc.) IBM introduces a new core with common functionalities used by all these products.

IBM named this core the Tivoli Process Automation Engine (TPAE) although it is also known as Base Services.

The idea is to have a common layer with all the base services and applications inherited by all the Maximo products. This layer includes all the functionality necessary to keep all Maximo services and applications together such as the data dictionary, presentation layer, etc. Regarding the applications it includes the ones in the Configuration, Administration, Workorder and Report modules.

Although you cannot acquire the TPAE independently it will be shipped and installed with all Maximo products. The advantage is that all products that share the same TPAE version can coexist in a system.

While adding new Maximo products to an existing TPAE you’re in fact registering new services and applications, new business logic, to the existing engine. New products can add new services and applications but can also share existing ones, without duplications.

Although the TPAE includes lot’s of applications it doesn’t mean that you can use them all. There are applications that are enabled by the product you’re installing. One example of this is the WORKFLOW application/service. Although it comes with the TPAE if you’re installing Maximo Essentials you won’t be able to use it.

For more detailed information on the TPAE check this IBM Technote (FAQ):

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