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The IBM® Tivoli® Change and Configuration Management Database (CCMDB) is one of the key components of the IBM Service Management (ISM) strategy. It is the foundation for automating and supporting change and configuration management processes as described by the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL®). These process solutions provide best practice implementations of processes based not only on ITIL, but on the IBM Process Reference Model for IT™ and other standards as well.

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Virtual Beans

MBO code snippet
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By default dialog boxes in Maximo are created with connection to the main application. This is very helpful because you can access record data in the application without having to write any code. Using the default methods you can obtain the MboSet in the list tab and it’s records or the record loaded in an application. The drawback with this approach is that to use the dialog box at least one record must be loaded in the application. Whenever you try accesing a dialog without having records loaded in the application you’ll be presented with an emty and readonly dialog.

This post shows how to create a dialog box that doesn’t have any support on the loaded application.

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Ever wondered how to create summary or detail QBR on Maximo cloned applications?

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Great new for those greedy for learning more about the latest IBM Maximo Asset Management offerings. Beginning this month the Gloal Tivoli User Communit (TUC) will be rolling out a new monthly webcast series specifically focused on “Maximizing Maximo In Your Organization”.

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IBM Tivoli Process Automation Engine (TPAE)

Although not perceptible to many, Maximo 7 introduces a big change in the structure of the application. Instead of building different independent deliveries for each of Maximo products (MAM, AMIT, CCMDB, TSRM, etc.) IBM introduces a new core with common functionalities used by all these products.

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MBO code snippet
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Although Maximo (IBM Tivoli) 7 allows much customization to be done using the applications own mechanisms such as Domains, Conditional Expression Manager, etc there are still some situations which require the use of custom classes. In this post I’ll describe how to use custom classes for Attributes (aka FLDs) in Maximo.

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IBM Technote (FAQ): Collection Restriction

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This IBM Technote (FAQ) describes a way to restrict access to assets, locations and configuration items (CI).

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A short interview at #IbmPulse with #…

A short interview at Ibm Pulse with Maximo Everyplace Release Manager Ken Rowlings.

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This IBM Maximo technote presents a step-by-step procedure to invoke an End Point using an Invocation Channel.

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#IBM Technote FAQ: BIRT connection’s permission’s

When to make the database connection read only. – (tags: maximo mam birt report)

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